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Israel is a multination state, which is famous for its sanctuaries, different natural landscapes, blossoming cities. You can spend an unforgettable beach vacation here on the shore of Meditteranean or Red sea, make a pilgrimage or enhance your health at the Dead sea.

You can visit Israel for the following purposes:

To look at the coral reef. The major part of the Sinai Peninsula includes the coral reef of the Red Sea.

To visit the lowest point on the planet. The Dead Sea is located in the lowest point on the Earth. Its water and mud are famous for their healing powers.

To see the sanctuaries of three religions. Jerusalem includes the sanctuaries of three religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

To plunge into the Sea of Galilea. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ walked on the surface of this sea.

To visit a safari zoo. This unique area is located close to the capital. During the jeep tour, you will be able to look at the life of carnivorous animals and birds which are included in the Red Book.

To fall in love with Tel-a-Viv. The city is located on the Meditteranean seashore. It includes clean beaches, bars, and restaurants, hotels, etc.

To feel the energy of Caesaria. The open-air museum-city invites you to see antique buildings including the house of Pontius Pilate.

To feel the adrenaline of Haifa. This industrial center attracts tourists’ attention by the Baha’i Gardens as well as to get a dose of adrenaline during ziplining trip.


Where to go in Israel

During your stay in this country, you can visit Jerusalem, which attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over the World.

Tel-a-Viv is the Israeli capital of fun. Here you can find one of the best seashores in the World, which includes clean beaches and a wide range of entertainment.

Nazareth is the place where Jesus Christ was born. Here you can visit different cathedrals including the Church of Gabriel.

While Tel-a-Viv beaches are crowded with young people, Netanya is a place for family stay.

Eilat offers ideal conditions for diving and other water entertainment for all 12 months.

Dead Sea seashore attracts tourists, who want to combine their vacations with spa procedures.


Church of the Holy Sepulchre is an old church complex, which was built on the very same place where Christ was crucified.

Kotel – one of the most important Judish sanctuaries. Visitors insert their messages between the stones of the wall.

Yaffa is a cultural capital of Israel. It includes multiple museums and places to see.

Via Dolorosa. Jesus Christ followed this street carrying his Cross. Nine stations of the Way of the Cross are located here.

Jordan River – Jesus Christ was baptized there.

Gethsemane – is a true diamond of the Christian world. Jesus Christ prayed here in the night before the betrayal.

The Dome of the Rock is located on the Temple Mount. It holds the Foundation Stone in its basement.

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is a church, which was built in the same place where Jesus Christ was born.

A vacation in Israel offers amazing opportunities to see and to touch the sanctuaries, improve your health and gain physical and moral strength.

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